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If the information contained in this website deviates from what is known as “Conventional Medicine” and enters in the field of Alternative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, it is only with the intention of providing you with a choice, but not a substitution, to conventional medical care. You should see or continue seeing a Medical Doctor and/or medical specialist and follow their instructions. There are no substitutions for Conventional Medicine, nor for academia, hospital medical care, or the guidelines of care provided by the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians. Hence, the information provided in this website, or in any addition or site related to this website, is for reference use only and for providing you with an option, and does not constitute the rendering of diagnosis, medical recommendation nor formal medical advice. This website makes no representation nor makes any warranties of any kind in connection with the information provided herein, and hereby disclaims any expressed or implied warranties, promises, assurances of success, resolution of symptoms, cure of disease nor prevention of illnesses. None of the products shown or mentioned in this or related websites is produced in/by our center, but rather manufactured in/by accredited laboratories within the United States of America. None of those products should substitute any pharmaceutical prescription or professional medical care. None of those products, articles or recommendations represent a formal medical treatment.

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