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Advanced Alternative

Medicine  for Arthritis Chronic Pain and Injuries

There is more to pain management than just pain control.

Americans are hurting. Painful conditions are not being treated right and medications and pain killers abuse continues. There hasn’t been a comprehensive pain-arthritis-injuries management program to teach the general population what to do.That’ the purpose of this book, to teach people how to achieve true healing. Do you think that hormone decline, bad food, food sensitivity and metabolic imbalance have nothing to do with healing from arthritis, injuries and painful disorders ? Think again. My book will change your mind and will guide through the healing path.

As a Doctor, I know how hard it is for men and women struggling with pain, arthritis and injuries. It is hard to deal with medications, doctor's appointments and lengthy therapies just to get by. I also know that most people don’t know any better and they are unaware of the real roots of their ailments and of the many effective alternative therapies. My book is for them. My “Advanced Alternative Medicine for Pain, Arthritis and Injuries” ( a program for pain, arthritis, injury repair, surgical recovery, inflammation reversal, metabolic improvement and better health), explains the roots of those disorders and reveals practical, easy and affordable solutions to those problems.

“There is more on true healing than just pain control"


Millions of people suffer from pain, arthritis and injuries. The standard medical treatment has been to prescribe medications which mask symptoms, giving patients a false sense of relief. Although pain relief is important, ignoring the underlying cause of the pain allows the damage to progress. Treat your PAIN, ARTHRITIS and INJURIES WITHOUT PRESCRIPTIONS and take control of your healing Our program teaches and emphasizes repair. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER: You don’t have to live with pain or arthritis or with the continued cycle of drugs and their side effects. By treating what is actually causing your condition not only the damage can be reversed, but also your overall health can be improved. Over 100 million Americans struggle with pain, arthritis, neuropathies and injuries, many ending up being seduced by the false relief of pharmaceuticals and falling easily into addiction. These problems are bad and relief is not coming. However, relief will not come unless patients and doctors inform themselves better and learn that there is more to pain relief than just pain relief.

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The Pain Relief System

“Arthritis and injuries involve a combination of inflammation and degeneration of the structures of the joint, ligaments and muscles. But just decreasing the inflammation and relieving the pain will bring NO CURE nor real IMPROVEMENT to the joint or affected areas. My book explains it all in a simple way and it also explains the treatment options. “



A lot !! My new book explains it and answers important questions: Are low hormones or low thyroid involved ?, can some of the foods you eat cause gut inflammation and leakage of inflammatory toxins ? Is adrenal-stress a factor ? ? Can food sensitivities be a problem ? Can irritable bowel or nutrient deficit impair your recovery ?. You better find out , because those and more questions need to be answered in order to achieve metabolic harmony and proper healing.


Understanding the core of painful joint and neuro-muscular disorders will help you see that some of these factors may actually be modified: yes, you can change (and sometimes even eliminate) some of the causes of those problems as I explain through the chapters of my book.


By integrating Conventional Medicine with alternative therapies, now encouraged by the best medical schools and the National Institute of Health, individuals can get practical solutions for treating the underlying cause of pain, inflammation, neuropathies, arthritis and even heal his/her injuries. Our program is not a theory but rather a program that worked for me and for many of my patients, friends and neighbors. My book is a guide for improvement and for becoming free of pain and independent.

This book explains the deep roots of inflammation and pain, the mechanisms of joint damage, the degeneration of cartilage and tendons, the source of neuropathies and how patients and doctors can integrate reachable therapies to reverse those changes. In its pages I review conventional therapies, natural supplements, nutritional managements, and each one of the known, and not so known, alternative therapies. Acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy, tai-chi, massage therapies, chiropractic therapy, reiki, and many more techniques, are explained and recommended in its different chapters. I added an emphasis on the adverse effects of toxins, hormone decline, thyroid disorder and food borne reactions, as they are known triggers of painful neuro-muscular diseases. Separate section review the adversities caused by sleep and adrenal gland disturbances. True healing from painful disorders is an outcome, not a pill or an injection. It is the result of doing several things right. However, most people don’t realize that there is something more they could do to relieve their affliction. They are unaware of the variety of therapy options they could use to actually heal themselves and find the relief they are looking for. Overmedication, surgeries, injections are quite often a routine. My book shows a different panorama of healing. Whether from injuries or arthritis, pain can be disabling. Conventional medicine offers many different medications for the symptoms, but almost none formulated to promote true healing. Even among the effective therapies and supplements, harmful side effects and drug interactions can occur. In their desperation, those with chronic pain are attempting to become their own doctors...with predictable results. Often, the true underlying problem is the lack of information about one’s own body and illness, and many are unable to discern the difference between medicine and quackery. Worse, most are unaware that relief from their symptoms (through pills or shots) does